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Recommendations & Reviews

Anna very kindly helped me sort out my tax return at short notice. She was accessible, clear in her communication and able to explain clearly something that others had failed to do so and was causing me a great deal of concern as the deadline rapidly approached! Anna really knows her stuff - highly recommended.

Lotte Norris 

Anna has gone above and beyond the call of duty to wrestle a set of accounts into shape in order to help me make the January HMRC deadline. I can highly recommend her. She is calm, considered and deeply reassuring whilst being something akin to a force of nature! She will never allow my books to get into such a state again and her skill will translate into a serious upswing in this family's finances. Thank you so much Anna.

Caroline Flakelar 

I would like to say a massive thank you to Anna at Balanced UK. My accounts have never been so organized until the last few months. Its all filed , colour coded and beautiful.
I even got a lovely big rebate the other day paid straight into my account and my Tax return has already been done :)
Very happy lady and recommending you to everyone. Thanks Anna

Alison Oswald 

Thanks Anna for popping over at such short notice, life saver as always.
Can't recommend Balanced to highly. Anna and her team really pull out all the stops for their clients.

Neal Bromley

Calm, collected and very patient. Thank you.

Clare Forsyth