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Pay It Forward

In my last blog I talked about the benefits of networking as a long-term investment and it’s worth continuing that theme with something I make a habit of. I call it 'Pay It Forward', (from the brilliant film by the same name) and it’s this which underlies my working as well as my networking philosophy. When someone does me a favour I love to Pay That Forward and do something for someone else. This is because I believe the very best people to deal with are not those who are only prepared  to give you something in exchange for something you give them, but rather those who are delighted to be able to pass along business, contacts or information even when they don’t themselves directly benefit.  

I thoroughly endorse helping others whenever I can because I believe ‘Share of Mind’ is beneficial in business. To my way of thinking it’s simple courtesy and common sense. After all, when you’re able to help someone, they’re pleased and because of that action you tend to stay in their mind. And sooner or later there will come a time, whether six weeks, six months or a couple of years down the line, when a third party needs the services you offer. Chances are your name and contact details are still likely to be in someone’s mind or in their database. They’ll be only too pleased to be able to help the inquirer and delighted to be able to return the favour you did them. It’s this sort of reciprocal relationship building which makes the business world turn successfully.

It does go without saying though that Networking swings both ways, and it’s as important to be as confident about the suppliers or services you recommend to others, as it is to get business referrals coming to you. Whenever I recommend someone I’m very aware it’s my reputation on the line almost as much as theirs. I’ve therefore made it my business to build up associations with suppliers I genuinely respect, whose work ethic ties in with mine and whose services I can completely and confidently endorse.  

Having been busy for some while now blowing the trumpet for networking I’m delighted I’ve been chosen as a finalist in the Oxfordshire Venus Awards for Networker of the Year. Keep your fingers crossed for me although it honestly doesn’t matter if I don’t win, I’m just so thoroughly chuffed to have been placed on the list.